Big Aussie wine producer first to put calorie information on labels

Treasury Wine Estates has become the first major wine producer to commit to including calorie information on all of its wines.

The Australian based winemaking operation which owns U.S.-based brands like Beaulieu, Sterling and Stag’s Leap, as well as other internationally known brands such as Penfolds, will become the first in the global wine industry to provide nutrition information on the label of its products, reports the Drinks Business.

In April, members of the European Parliament backed the introduction of a new law that would mandate alcoholic beverage producers to include calorie counts on product labels after research found that many adults were “completely unaware” of how many calories they were consuming when drinking alcohol.

I’ve not seen a huge groundswell of consumers demanding this information so I wonder if this is just a large producer drumming up the need for more regulations as a competitive advantage against small producers.

It will be interesting to see if a US and Canadian producers follow this lead!