Screw it!!! Sauvignon Blanc

I ran into Screw It! Sauvignon Blanc when I was looking for an inexpensive white wine for our Curry Cauliflower soup at the local wine store. If you are interested, here is the excellent recipe. I would use the term cheap wine if I lived anywhere other than British Columbia. BC doesn’t have any cheap wines thanks to the exorbitant tax regime of 15% on all liquor. Bottom line the wine is great, definitely exceeded my expectations. A tropical fruit, pineapple and peach blend in perfect harmony to create a crisp and soft finish. It compares very favorably with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc such as Monkey Bay which sell in BC at twice the price.

It is difficult to find any background information about the Screw-it winery. Their one web page points to a facebook page with a few comments. However thanks to John Schreiner, this is what I found from his 2010 post, on the parent company Artisan wines. The Artisan Wine Company is one of the Okanagan’s major wine producers but, since its wines appear under other labels, chances are that most consumers have never heard of it unless they read the fine print on the back of labels. Artisan has the same owner and operates from the same winery in West Kelowna as the tier one Mission Hill Family Estate.