Six Months into BCWineTrends

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great support on the launch of the BCWineTrends site. 6 months in and we have posted over 40 articles and reached 4000 twitter followers.

Twitter Follower Growth
Twitter Follower Growth

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I apologize in advance to those I have missed, but a special thank you to the following:

BC Wineries: 40 Knots, Ancient Hill, Anarchist Mountain, Arrowleaf Cellars, Bella, Black Cloud, Black Market Wines, Covert, Corcelettes, de Vine Vineyards, Larch Hills, Lulu Island, Mt Boucherie, Nagging Doubt, Off-the-Grid, See Ya Later Ranch, Spierhead, SummerHill Pyramid, Tantalus and Tightrope for the material provided for my posts.

Winemakers: Charlie Baessler, Dave Cameron, Bradley Cooper, Ezra Cipes, Layne Craig, Jay Drysdale, Rob Hammersley, Lyndsay O’Rourke, Mark Simpson, Andrew Stone, Rob Westbury for sharing their experiences.

Industry experts: Paul Rickett for his insight on BC wine distribution channels, IT’S A GRAPE LIFE and WestSide Wine Trails for local promotion.

Wine Bloggers: Chateauneufsnob, Anthony Gismondi, Brent Gushowaty, Kristof Gillese, Natalie MacClean, John Schreiner and Michelle Williams for their help.

Thanks again