Six Months into BCWineTrends

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great support on the launch of the BC Wine Trends site. Six months in and we have posted over 40 articles and reached 4000 twitter followers.

Twitter Follower Growth
Twitter Follower Growth

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I apologize in advance to those I have missed, but a special thank you to the following:

BC Wineries

40 Knots, Ancient Hill, Anarchist Mountain, Arrowleaf Cellars, Bella, Black Cloud, Black Market Wines, Covert, Corcelettes, de Vine Vineyards, Larch Hills, Lulu Island, Mt Boucherie, Nagging Doubt, Off-the-Grid, See Ya Later Ranch, Spierhead, Summerhill Pyramid, Tantalus and Tightrope for the material provided for my posts.


Charlie Baessler, Dave Cameron, Bradley Cooper, Ezra Cipes, Layne Craig, Jay Drysdale, Rob Hammersley, Lyndsay O’Rourke, Mark Simpson, Andrew Stone, Rob Westbury for sharing their experiences.

Industry experts

Paul Rickett for his insight on BC wine distribution channels, IT’S A GRAPE LIFE and WestSide Wine Trails for local promotion.

Wine Bloggers

Chateauneufsnob, Anthony Gismondi, Brent Gushowaty, Kristof Gillese, Natalie Maclean, John Schreiner and Michelle Williams for their help.

Thanks again