Pentâge Winery’s Sauvignon Blanc

Keeping with the recent Sauvignon Blanc theme this is a guest post by Gigi Goyer of Gigionthevine


Pentâge Winery

Sauvignon Blanc


On a recent visit to this Boutique style Winery I sat down with Paul and Julie and soaked in the majestic views overlooking Skaha Lake with a glass of their 2014 Sauvignon Blanc.

This is a classic elegant French style Sauvignon Blanc. My family comes from the Loire Valley in France and you  can bet it can  run up  their with the best !

The subtle aromas include Citrus, light grassyness, stonefruit  which stimulates the Back palate!

Best paired with Grilled Scallops or a mango salad

 A fantastic addition to your summer wines. 

$20 at the Winery !

$20 at the Winery !

GigiGigi Goyer




Photos:  Thanks to Jennifer Schell and taken with Wine Party  at SS Sicamous Heritage Park.