St.Hubertus Riesling 2013

Summer is a great time for Riesling.   Here is a guest post by Gigi Goyer of Gigionthevine to help you with your wine selection.

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St.Hubertus Riesling 2013

I love a great Riesling ! I have been on the lookout in Lake country and Kelowna area for the “great one”, Ha ha, yes well it’s is such a food friendly wine . I came across this 2013 vintage and thought I’d review as the 2014 vintage has won a Lieutenant Governor’s award ! I will review that one at a later date.

St. Hubertus is situated on the east shores of Kelowna , very close to shore for that matter and this climate is perfect for producing  Riesling and that perfect acidity . They also have a delicious Dry Riesling by the way.

Anyway as we open the nose I detect a slight Petrol scent followed by Green apple and honey. The palate offers some stone fruit,  citrus with crisp acidity well balanced with the sweetness followed by a dry finish. Very refreshing and quite elegant.

The acidity and sweetness is a must with Asian dishes  and curries.

4/5 for value and Taste!

$16.75 at the Winery

Available at your VQA store and Okanagan Estate wine shop # 4th and alma, Vancouver

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