Monte Creek Ranch’s New Releases

What’s New at Monte Creek Ranch?

Monte Creek Ranch continues to expand their vineyard.  They now have 65 acres of estate vineyards planted with another 30 acres of expansion planned over the next three years. The new blocks will include Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir. Because of the colder South Thompson winters, they continue to bury the young vinifera vines in the winter until they reach maturity.

For background on the winery please link to last year’s Monte Creek Ranch article here.  This blog is a review of their new wine releases.

Vintage 2016

Ashley Demedeiros provided the following background information.  The 2016 vintage started with the earliest bud break yet, with most varieties budding out in early April.  A warm spring had us thinking that we would begin harvesting as early as the beginning of August, but a rainy June and July brought things closer to normal.

Harvest still began two weeks early, but was a long and extended one, ending October 28th. Milder temperatures during the heat of the summer allowed us to have a more gradual ripening than 2015.  This allowed the grapes to accumulate intense flavour without the sugar skyrocketing.  The results are flavour packed wines that show elegance and moderate alcohol.

The Wine Releases

Monte Creek Ranch Riesling 2016 Alcohol 11 %, Residual Sugar 9.5,  Tartaric Acid 8.7. This classic Riesling beauty is well balanced with a brilliant colour and aromas of peach, lemon and lime zest. It is delicate on the palate with minerality and lively acidity.

Monte Creek Ranch Rosé 2016 Alcohol 13 %, Residual Sugar 15.5,  Tartaric Acid 8.7, 100% Marquette.  This red wine grape is a new world creation that ripens early and is well suited to cooler climates. These small berries with pink pulp provide a nice skin-to-juice ratio and a pretty colour, ideal for a crisp and fresh Rosé. It’s juicy and fruit-forward with enough mouthwatering acidity to keep you looking for that next sip. Aroma of strawberry, rhubarb, watermelon and caramelised sugar. The palate is off-dry with a medium body.

Monte Creek Ranch Hands Red Reserve 2015 Alcohol 14 %, Residual Sugar 2.6,  Tartaric Acid 6.8.  This unique blend of 47% Merlot, 35% Frontenac Noir, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot and Frontenac Noir were co-fermented and the wine has been aged for 16 months.  This is an easy-drinking smooth red, with aromas of nutmeg and plum and flavours of plum and black cherry. Ranch Hand Red is medium bodied, with velvety tannin. Enjoy now through 2020.

If you are in the Kamloops area, please make sure you check out the excellent cold climate wines at Monte Creek Ranch.