Consume Chocolate and Wine for these 10 Amazing Reasons

People who love wine have an undeniable love for chocolate. Chocolate and wine are renowned for their amazing confectionary match and pairing. Other than tasting delicious, both of them are renowned for their numerous health benefits too. So, we should ensure to consume them regularly to be healthier and fit.

Chocolate and wineBelow, we have drafted 10 amazing reasons to eat chocolate and drink wine.

Here is what chocolate can do:

Not all chocolates are good for your health, but dark chocolate is highly beneficial. It is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants which are a vital source of antioxidants and minimises the risk of heart diseases.

1. Beneficial for the heart:

Ingredients in the dark chocolate have been found to shelter the heart from strokes, diseases and high cholesterol. A study revealed that consuming chocolate more than 5 times a week reduces the possibility of heart disease by 57%.

2. Safeguards the skin

The bioactive elements which are present in dark chocolate are found to protect skin from harmful UV rays. They minimise the damage caused to the skin by allowing blood to flow easily in the skin. It thereby increases skin density and hydration. Probably, that’s the reason women don’t stop munching chocolaty sponge cake.

3. Power pack of antioxidants

Dark Chocolate is laden with polyphenols, flavanols, catechins and other organic plant compounds. These oxidants help in beating off free radicals in the body. It leads to oxidative stress by causing harm to the cells and the tissues. This may even lead to alarming diseases like Alzheimer’s and Cancer. So, the more you consume it, the more sheltered you will be.

4. Improves Brain Efficiency

A study says that consuming high flavanol cocoa boosts the blood flow to the brain. It also enhances the cognitive functioning of the brain, especially in the elderly or mentally challenged people. It protects the brain against several diseases and improves memory, attention span, reaction time and problem-solving skills.

5. Helps avoid depression

One of the key compounds found in dark chocolate is theobromine. It can lower the blood pressure, provides zeal and energy. Another component found is Anandamide which works as a mood and energy booster. So, it helps to enhance the mood and fighting off depression to a great degree without posing any harm or addiction.

Here is what wine can do:

Wine has been a beloved drink for ages. Wine, especially the red wine is renowned for its wondrous health benefits, including weight loss. Well surprisingly enough, that’s true. Let us have a look at some of the benefits that red wine can offer.

6. Controls blood sugar

The outer covering of the red grapes which is known as resveratrol actually helps to balance the amount of sugar in the body. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. It also helps to regulate insulin level in the body and activates a protein which regulates the glucose.

7. Lowers cholesterol level

The grapes which are used in the formation of the red wine actually helps to lower down the cholesterol level significantly. According to a research, drinking a little red wine may help to cut down the Oxidative damage and the oxidation of the “bad” LDL cholesterol by 50%.

8. Boosts immunity

Wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate than that of the other drinkers. The strong anti-oxidants which are found in red wine protect the body against free radicals and improvises the immunity of the body. It also increases body’s reaction to vaccination.

 9. Improves digestion and waistline

Wine has been a part of our meal since ages due to several reasons other than enjoying. It helps to empty the stomach quickly and helps in breaking down of protein in the stomach. Furthermore, it actually has a component which helps to restrict the growth of fat cells in the body.

10. Lowers the risk of cancer

It has been found that resveratrol can help to starve cancer cells. Another component known as Quercetin causes cancer cells to die, like in the case of colon cancer. Drinking a decent amount of red wine can also reduce the chances of breast cancer.

There is no doubt that chocolate and wine have some amazing health benefits. But, we should also ensure that we don’t consume them excessively. We must enjoy it in moderation to stay healthy and happy.

This is a guest post by John Adds.