BC Wine Statistics


    • Why don’t you include wineries that don’t belong to the BCWI? More than 50% of wineries don’t belong to the Institute, so your data leaves out a huge portion of the BC industry. It doesn’t really give an acute picture of what is going on.

      • Lyndsay: The vineyard/ grape data is for all grapes planted in BC. Only the award data is for contests supported by BCWI. I am working on adding other wine contests e.g. BC wine awards that should start to include non BCWI wineries.

  1. Hi ,

    Re Grape popularity bubble chart – does this mean merlot is popular in terms of planting or in terms of consumption in BC?
    Why is Merlot popular – because there’s consumer demand for it or because its a variety that grows well there. Thanks –

    • This chart is in terms of acreage planted. As Merlot is cropped higher than most other reds a chart based on tons yielded would show even higher popularity for Merlot. I’m working to include the grape tonnage stats on the site too. Thanks for the interest. As to why Merlot, it’s an easy grape to grow and and has a higher yield but the local market is in an over supply situation so some vineyards are replacing Merlot with Pinot Noir. 2015 has been one of the largest harvests ever so I would expect the local wineries will not be able to absorb all the Merlot produced again and the vineyard that harvest late without winery contracts will lose money. Julian

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