Lulu Island Winery for Ice Wine and Meritage

Lulu Island Winery is the largest winery in Metro Vancouver, covering 15 acres. The Winery boasts a colourful history and gets its name from its location on Richmond Island, which was formerly known as “LuLu Island.” According to local legend, LuLu was the name of the mistress of the man who first established the land, and the scandal eventually compelled the community to change the name. Today, the winery produces award-winning red and white wines, fruit wines, and ice wines on this historic spot. But it’s the sweet fruit wines, flavoured with cranberry, blueberry, and passion fruit, that keep the locals and the hummingbirds coming back.

John Chang who was born in Taiwan, is the founder and winemaker of Lulu Island Winery. He has over 30 years experience crafting fine wines. In his humble beginnings, he first learned to create wine with his grandmother. Then, after moving to Canada, John studied with many notable winemakers. He now combines Chinese traditional wine making methods with modern Western technology and equipment. Lulu Island wine use a slow cool fermentation process that helps bring out the natural flavours of the fruit, whether it is grapes, blueberries or even raspberries. The winery’s recent competition awards include:

• 2015 All Canadian Wine Championships Double Gold for 2013 Riesling Chardonnay Ice wine
• 2014 All Canadian Wine Competition Gold for Winery 2011 Red Ice wine
• 2014 All Canadian Wine Competition Silver for 2012 Meritage

The Meritage is a classic blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.  It is filled with aromas of rich black cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry and cocoa powder. Medium-full body with a robust fruit core and ripe, young tannins. The wine is tied together nicely with a bright ribbon of acidity. This will evolve in the cellar for 1-3 years, but it’s also drinking well now. Source: Vintages Wine Catalogue.

When you are in Vancouver make sure to visit the Lulu Island winery and take advantage of the wine tours and tastings.

If you are touring the Okanagan Valley, make sure you visit John Chang’s new $30M Grizzli winery in West Kelowna, that opened in the summer of 2016.