BCWineTrend’s First Anniversary


Just wanted to thank everyone for the great support on the launch of the BCWineTrends. 12 months in and we have posted over 80 articles, reached over 6,000 twitter followers, made it to the top 15,000 websites in Canada as ranked by Alexa and our Social Media Klout has grown to 63!


kl1A Klout score of 40 is average and a score of 63 puts you in the top 5% of social media identities in the world.  Here is BCWinetrend’s Klout ranking by subject as of  September 5, 2016

  • Wine 99.9%
  • Wineries 99.6%
  • Kelowna 99.5%
  • British Columbia 99.2%
  • Champagne 99.2%
  • Sauvignon Blanc 99%
  • Wine Tasting 98.9%
  • Riesling 98.4%
  • Chardonnay 98.4%

It is an interesting anomaly that no red wines are included in the Klout expert topics! I have asked the Klout data gurus why no red wines but the request has fallen on deaf ears!

I apologise in advance to those I have missed, but a special thank you to the following:

The BC Wineries

50th Parallel, Ancient Hill, Anarchist Mountain, Arrowleaf Cellars, Bella, Black Cloud, Black Market Wines, Blind Tiger, Chateau Wolff,  Covert, Corcelettes, Deep Roots, de Vine, Dirty Laundry, Grizzli, Kismet, Kitsch, Larch Hills,  Lulu Island, Lunessence, ex Nihilo, Meyer, Monte Creek Ranch, Mt Boucherie, Nagging Doubt, Off-the-Grid, Pentâge, See Ya Later Ranch, Sperling, Spierhead, St. Hubertus, SummerHill Pyramid, Tantalus, the Hatch, Tightrope and Volcanic Hills  for the material provided for my posts.

The Winemakers / Winery Owners

Charlie Baessler, Daniel BontorinDave Cameron, Bradley Cooper, Ezra Cipes, Jay Drysdale, Andy Gebert, Marty Gunderson, Rob Hammersley, Decoa Harder, Will Hardman, Ria Kitsch, Curtis Krouzel, Jak Meyer, Michal Mosny, Lyndsay O’Rourke, Natalie Riga, Mark Simpson, Ann Sperling, Andrew Stone, Rob Westbury, Jerry Wowchuk for sharing their experiences.

The Industry experts

Paul Rickett for his insight on BC wine distribution channels, Stuart Wooldridge of Tulloch Vineyards for export knowledge of the China marketIT’S A GRAPE LIFE and WestSide Wine Trails for local promotion.

Wine Bloggers

Jill Barth, Anthony Gismondi, Brent Gushowaty, Kristof Gillese, Geraldine GoyerSam Hauck,  Karl Kliparchuk, Natalie Maclean, John Schreiner, Jennifer Schell, Valerie Stride and Michelle Williams for their guest posts or support.

Last but not least, a very special thank you to Judy who let me spend way too many hours blogging instead of working on other projects when we relocated to Kelowna.

Thank you all.  

I would really like to hear your comments, who did I miss, what was your favourite article, etc.





Now that we have established a brand for promoting BC Wine we have updated our Samples policy.


  1. Congratulations Julian! That’s a huge list of accomplishments for a year’s work. Keep up the awesome work promoting BC wine 🙂

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